Chao Chen

Assistant Professor
Also affiliated with Computer Science
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8322


  • Office: Computer Science Building, 2313C
  • Tel: +1-631-632-2593
  • Email: chao.chen.1 (@)

Research Interests

I explore geometric and topological properties of data. These global and robust information can provide insight for modern data and image analytics. My research draws from the following different domains.

  • Biomedical imaging informatics: topology-informed image segmentation, generation and analysis.

  • Machine learning: robustness of deep neural networks, label noise, graph neural networks.

  • Topological data analysis: persistent homology, computation and learning with topological features.

Past Experience


Recent Services

  • Associate Editor, Pattern Recognition

  • Area Chair, CVPR 2022

  • Area Chair, NeurIPS 2021, 2022

  • Area Chair, MICCAI 2021, 2020

  • Senior PC, AAAI 2022, 2021

News and Annoucement

  • New!! One paper accepted to ECCV as an oral presentation (only 2.7% of the submissions were selected as an oral)!

    We propose a novel method to model topological interactions between different semantic labels. The method is designed to be computationally efficient especially for deep learning.

    Congratulations to first year student, Saumya, and senior student, Xiaoling!

  • New!! Two papers accepted by ICIBM and AMIA!

    Two papers on health informatics and on spatio-transcriptomics have been accepted by ICIBM and AMIA.

  • New!! One paper accepted by ICML 2022!

    We develop a cycle-centric graph neural network which learns representations of cycles instead of nodes. The method is applied to knowledge graph completion task.

  • New!! One paper accepted by NAACL 2022!

    We provide an insightful analysis of backdoor-attacked BERT models focusing on the attention focus drifting phenomenon. This provides an explanation of how backdoors are injected and inspires better backdoor detection algorithms.

  • New!! One paper accepted by CVPR 2022!

    We improve predictions on snapshot medical images using temporal sequences. We design a model that use temporal representation to re-calibrate snapshot representation.

  • New!! Just won the NSF CAREER award.

    Project: Topology-Driven Learning for Biomedical Imaging Informatics

    This 5 year project will support us in developing topology-informed image analysis methods for different tasks such as segmentation, generation and analysis. The key is to combine theory from topological data analysis with deep learning techniques to develop trasparent, trustworthy and powerful tools. These tools will be validated in various biomedical problems.

  • New!! One paper accepted by SoCG 2022!

    We develop a GPU algorithm to speed up the computation Euler Characteristics Curve for large scale imaging data.

  • New!! One paper accepted by ICLR 2022!

    We use a topological prior to better reconstruct triggers of the input. This helps us identify backdoor attacked neural network models.

  • New!! One paper accepted by AISTATS 2022!

    We investigate adversarial robustness from a manifold's perspective.

  • New!! One paper accepted by NeurIPS 2021!

    We use the tool of persistent homology to investigate the behavior of neural networks under backdoor attacks.

  • New!! One paper accepted by ICCV 2021!

    We model spatial context for cell detection and classification in histopathology images. We use the k-function in spatial statistics and incorporate into the feature representation on our deep neural network.